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Hotel in Ischia, Naples

Our Cuisine

We have great respect for our land, and we value the products it provides us.

Our cuisine features the most careful selection of seasonal products, often originating from our beloved Campania and skilfully prepared by our chef, who personally shops for them every morning.
From this passion, simple but tasty dishes are created respecting the traditional flavours and aromas of Campania.


‘O Profumo e Ischia miez e limoni Sott’all’ombra, all’aria e mare, è poesia Ma nu spaghetto ca’ pummarola Cu’ l’addor’ e vasinicola E na fronn e fantasia Sentit a me Nun sarrà gurmè Ma pe’ gusto o pe’ vulio Ve mangiat’ e sapori da terra mia.
Tu lass’Ischia cu’ l’ammore
E nu semplice spaghetto te rest’dint o core.


Locally sourced ingredients:
Identity, flavours, aromas. The island of Ischia that has something to offer and that offers itself, shunning the temptation of global food (often cheaper, albeit tasteless). Our identity, our experience and our passion, are the ingredients that enable us to continue the concept of Enhancing our Territory’s products. We find that our customers like the simple things: kneading the gnocchi, picking lemons from the citrus grove, tasting fish from our Gulf. Diverging from the manipulated and aesthetically flawless cuisine to rediscover the authentic though sometimes imperfect beauty of nature”. So, this is the idea – a definite winner – even for a prominent hotel. At the Hermitage our Chef Di Scala has found the right combination between quality and tradition: “Including the tasty fish soup or the meatballs which were lovingly prepared by our grandmother. “We prefer to offer our customers something that is real and authentic, the true soul of the island of Ischia.” Our passion is in being able to illustrate our unique features, to take a plunge into our traditions “, and our Maitre Raffaele Ruggero, is ready to demonstrate this by offering you with elegance and finesse our traditions in a dish. “A business cannot overlook the real synergy between the kitchen and dining room, departments that must operate in concordance. The dish is created in the kitchen, but its presentation is a fundamental part of the service “.

Illustrating Ischia to tourists. Starting from our food.