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The House Museum
This museum houses as well as many typical items that belonged to the rural civilization, even wonderful sculptures in wood and stone.
Enchanting is a tunnel called “The Cave of fortune”, the entrance to the museum is free.

Museum A. Rizzoli
In the space of about ten years it will build hotels, spas, a hospital and other works by transforming an island of fishermen and farmers in a tourist resort of international renown. The museum dedicated to the entrepreneur is based at Villa Arbusto in Lacco Ameno.

Museum Civico
Among the many things that you can find in this museum should be highlighted the ten most ancient maps of the island of Ischia.
The Civic Museum is connected to the ancient Geophysical Observatory on the Grand Sentinel Hill.

City Museum “The Tower”
The Tower, used in the nineteenth century as a prison, was turned into a civic museum and houses the sculptures and paintings of the artist Giovanni Maltese foriano (1812-1913)

Peasant Museum of Casa D’Ambra
The wine economy of the island by the Greeks to the present day.
E ‘was also recently added to the store and tasting of the company, a small room used as a historical archive, with evidence of exceptional admirers of Casa D’Ambra.

Museum of the Sea
Next to sailing equipment, navigation instruments, lights in petriolo, old fishing nets, squid, mummole wine, model boats, votive offerings to the holy protectors of the sailors we can find amphorae and Roman cups that bear witness to the seafaring roots of the inhabitants the island of Ischia. The museum is a small gem not to be missed not only for lovers of the sea and tools related to it but also for those who want a diving holiday as much as possible in the strong spirit and open the islanders.

Museum of the Aragonese Castle Weapons
The museum is located in a guard post of the castle, created by Alfonso of Aragon in 1441; It houses a collection of medieval weapons, and the nineteenth century, as well as some instruments of torture and execution in use from 1300 to 1850.

Diocesan Museum
The objects presented to the public originate, in most cases, from various churches of the diocese, particularly by current Cathedral. The old cathedral was bombed during the conflict between the Anglo-French Bourbons and occurred in the water in front of the castle in June 1809.

Museum and excavations of Santa Restituta
The museum, being an archaeological museum and, as such, made up mostly of debris, not of works that impress at first glance, it offers an effective overview of the different cultures and establishing a stimulating relationship with the excavation area. The excavations and the museum are located in the town of Lacco Ameno, whose physical configuration is, as shown by the archaeological excavations, the ancient Pithekoussai physical configuration of the eighth century. C.

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