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The ideal venue for congresses, conferences, meetings and conventions. We offer an adaptable room for 10 to 180 guests, with the most modern conference equipment: sound system, overhead projector and flipchart, slide projector, multimedia projector and simultaneous translation (on request).

The new Hermitage & Park Congress Centre, with a state-of-the-art concept, was created with innovative technologies that enable excellent personalised multimedia usage for any event.

The Hermitage & Park Congress Centre can be transformed to suit any event, providing the essential settings for video projections, meetings, scientific and cultural events. It can be transformed into a showroom or a classroom, and is even able to become  a dynamic multimedia setting with space diversity of great effect for small performances or interactive commercial demonstrations.

The polymorphic architecture based on the use of soundproof mobile panels allows for adapting the shape and size according to requirements, while the advanced technological equipment animates the Conference Centre with all desired aspects. The set up of the Congress Centre (plenary hall max 180 pax, total 188 sq m.) includes a completely reconfigurable audio and video system that can handle up to four different contemporary events.

The audio and video systems include a considerable number of connection points both cable and wireless, that in turn can be managed by the director or by any LAN station. They are equipped with audio video matrices for using DSP technology and console access over IP, while the whole centre has wireless Internet connection.

Giant plasma screens placed strategically and a maxi screen for high-performance projection enable you to present any kind of video information, also that of a diverse content from screen to screen, for sending several messages simultaneously, regulated to the desired scenic effects.

Fully configurable audio speakers managed by the numerical processing matrices also allow you to easily create a uniform distribution of messages and sound events, simultaneously and also with diverse content, in a multi zone audio scheme of impressive scenic effect.

The lighting has been created with the use of a distributed intelligence system, which can be configured and programmed depending on the requirements. These technologies are able to create lighting effects such as trails of light, scenes and sequences of scenes, allowing you to have a theatre of lights that follow the setting and emphasise the peculiarities of the event as instructed by the director. Of course they are also able to supply all types of traditional static lighting, from the background lighting of projections to the full illumination of displays, exhibitions and training courses.