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Food hygiene

The amount and the quality of the feeding always more high level has been object of argument to the inside of scientific symposia.

It comprises, beyond to the normal dietetic councils it personalizes and it adapts you to you to the type of purpose that agrees to catch up (decrease or increase of weight, re-balance of metabolic factors alters to you, etc), the possibility to carry out some tests of “alimentary intolerances” actions to discover eventual substances that, in a particular moment of the life could give disturbs digestives, water retention, hormonal problems and therefore… representing factors of block to the production of those enzymes that favor an just absorption of the alimony with the consequence of one toxin retention.


Food intolerance test € 70,00
Personalized diet with biological products € 80,00
Food hygienic program to continue on return from the holiday and follow up € 80,00