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Therme & SPA - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Ischia, Naples Hotel

Hotel Hermitage Terme and SPA

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

A lot often, bad ones posture, the lack of adapted physical activity, render the resolution of those chronic pains difficult, than the medicines therapies they attenuate only momentarily, return inexorably after little and rendering the quality of the life not answering to the own expectations.

The plan finds a its reason of being, in these cases, assuming a various breath, plus wide of like it could usually be conceived as well as it is true that, beyond to the massage therapy and the therapies it orchestrates them, it offers, from a part the possibility to take advantage of the aforesaid therapeutic qualities of the thermal atmosphere carrying out cycles of Thermal hydro massage therapy or distances “kneipp”, from the other it allows to search the cause that the insorgence of the algie determines offering the possibility to make a surveying and to set up suitable therapies like those “Osteopatic therapy”, visceral skull, Agopunkture therapy, physiotherapy and manipulations.



Flower therapy €60.00
Homeopathic medical visit with therapy €80.00
Therapeutic massage €45.00
Foot reflex massage €37.00
Motor rehabilitation €35.00
Thermal water idrochinesitherapie €38.00
Postural analysis € 110.00
Osteopatic therapy € 70.00
Backbone therapy € 70.00
Abdominal manipulation € 70.00
Agopunkture therapy € 60.00
Eartherapy € 60.00
Homeopathic Mesotherapy € 45.00
Pulse logic diagnosis using the Chinese medicine € 80.00