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Therme & SPA - Plan Re-balance mind-body Ischia, Naples Hotel

Hotel Hermitage Terme and SPA

Plan Re-balance mind-body

Who is today not forced to run after for the entire day the many programmed engagements… or unexpected?

Stress is a container in which they find place many malaises: insomnia, badly of head, digestives disorders and therefore…

In the Wellness Area you can try beyond to the specific treatments also several and relaxant massages, homeopaty, and flower therapy. Disciplines that from centuries demonstrate their certain effectiveness.



ARES Massage € 80.00

Anti stress massage € 49.00

Shiatsu € 65.00

Technic Massage Guinot € 80.00

Californian massage € 70.00

Hot stone massage € 70.00

Aroma therapy massage € 55.00

Tao Energy equlibrium massage € 70.00

Ayurvedic massage € 65.00

Chocolate Massage € 49.00

Cocoon massage € 65.00