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Terme Plan

The Project Thermal baths, exploiting the therapeutic ownerships of the thermal waters of the basin of the establishment of the thermal baths Hermitage, it will give a natural answer to all those ostio-articular and respiratory pathologies.

Particularly for the Rheumatic Pathologies as:
– Primary and secondary arthrosis.
– Abarticular rheumatisms.
– Non metabolic rheumatisms: gout.

They will be particularly suitable the Fangoterapia (or Lutoterapia) and that is the employment in therapy of the thermal mud, term with which we intend a mud, naturally warm or heated, consequential from the union of an inorganic or organic solid component, the so-called original mud, rigorously from us selected, with thermal mineral water and used, after opportune “maturation” of over six months in the ample tubs of our establishment, according to the medical prescription.

Temperature: 47° – 50°C.
Duration: 15′ – 30.’
Rhythm: 1 a day.
Extension: to “all body”; to “half body”; to one or more limbs;
Thickness: 7 – 10 cms.
Recommended total number: 12 – 15 – 21.

It will follow, always if prescribed by the sanitary direction the Balneoterapia
what it consists in the immersion, complete or partial, of the body in the individual tub or in swimming pool “collective” container water mineral course and maintained to the temperature, held opportune in relationship to the clinical indication of around 36°.

The general principles for the practice of the balneoterapia are: the water’s temperature, 34° – 38°C; the duration of the bath, 10 – 20, in opinion of the physician; it has to be practiced to fast or to completed digestion, generally to the morning; the cycle of care, 10-20 baths to the middle rhythm of 1 a day; it can be practiced more than a cycle of care a year, according to the clinical indications and of the general formulation of the therapy. At the end of the bath it will follow, in special places, the so-called one “reaction” for around 20′-30.

Her technical formalities are individual baths in the simple tub: to total or partial immersion eventually with immission of ozone; individual baths in the special tub for physiotherapy and rehabilitation; the baths in swimming pool thermal cover, also for practical active and passive fisiochinesiterapiche (hydro-chinesi therapy).



GEA 1Program
5 cures € 250,00
8 cures € 370,00
12 cures € 480,00

GEA 2 Program
5 cures € 145,00
8 cures € 200,00
12 cures € 270,00






Medical examination (obligatory) € 36.00

Thermal bath € 13.50

Thermal bath with ozone € 18.00

Mud treatment and thermal shower € 23.00

Mud treatment and thermal bath with ozone € 32.00

Extra charge ozone € 8.00

Complete thermal massage (18 min.) € 29.00

Complete thermal massage (35 min.) € 45.00

Cambio Accappatoio € 2.00

Aerosol or inhalation € 12.00

Nasal shower € 12.00

Bathrobe (per day) € 3.50

Thermal hydro massage aroma therapy € 28.00