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Stay safe - safe stay Hotel Hermitage Terme and SPA

Hotel in Ischia, Naples

Stay safe – safe stay


  1. Do not enter the hotel if you have a body temperature above 37.5 ° C, if you have a cough, difficulty breathing, a cold, vomiting, dysentery, perception disturbances, arrhythmias or other symptoms attributable to the Covid 19 virus.
  2. Wear always a mask while staying in the common areas of the hotel.
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and sanitize them with sanitizing gel.
  4. Respect always an interpersonal safety distance of not less than 1 m.
  5. Follow only the signs and routes marked by the hotel.
  6. Do not go to forbidden areas inside the structure.
  7. Do not create or contribute to the formation of gatherings.
  8. Use only the toilets in your room or those specifically dedicated to guests.
  9. Follow the instructions provided by the hotel and, in case of need or clarification, contact the reception.
  10. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days following your stay in the Hotel, write to:


Anyone who has already been here with us knows that safety has always been a priority for us. Attention to details and cleanliness are the first thing we check every day. Today we have decided to be even more careful and scrupulous in sanitizing the environments of your holiday. We tell you what we do every day to give you a peaceful holiday:

In YOUR rooms

We have always adopted the color code method of sponges, it means that we only have one color for the bathrooms, another only for the room surfaces, another only for the glass and another color still reserved for the floors.

We use microfibre because it retains 99% of bacteria and is washable at very high temperatures.

To dust and sanitize the hard surfaces of the rooms and bathrooms we use chlorine and alcohol based detergents, which give us a guarantee of safety against viruses and bacteria.

We pay particular attention to the most “delicate” points of the room, which are the remote controls, the button of the toilet flush, the handles of the doors and windows, but also of the wardrobes and showers, of course!

We also disinfect all switches every day.

Once finished to clean the room, we put the set of sponges and rags in the special washing net and take a clean one to take care of the next room.

We wash the sheets at high temperature, this ensuring the reduction of the bacterial load, and at each customer change we wash the quilts and bedspreads, as well as the cotton covers of the sofas and armchairs and sanitize the curtains.

We decided to eliminate the room directory and other paper materials from the desks and tables in the room, because they are very subject to manipulation and difficult to sanitize.

In the common areas

Hands always disinfected at the Hermitage Terme and SPA!

Here you will find dispensers with hand sanitizer in all strategic points, for example in the swimming pools, at the reception, at the SPA entrance.

We disinfect the door handles and switches several times a day.

We strive every day to guarantee our guests, staff and ourselves a safe environment. This means inserting new and increasingly effective cleaning protocols.

To know them in detail you can ask us, with pleasure we inform you about all the attentions we adopt for a carefree holiday, made only of smiles!

Spaces for meals

At the Hermitage, in the intimacy of your room, you will be served your breakfast, lunches and dinners (by reservation for a fee). Our cooks work in complete safety always with a mask and sanitary gloves.

Alternatively, in our Terrazza Bristrot restaurant all the tables and chairs are regularly disinfected, the dishes and cutlery washed with care to allow you to have meals in total serenity. We guarantee you privacy and security, even at the table!

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